Insurance & Annuities



An annuity is a long-term retirement investment product that can help protect you from outliving your money.  It has the potential to grow tax-deferred, have death benefits to protect your beneficiary and optional living benefits to protect your retirement income. 


Fills in the gaps

Sometimes pensions, IRAs and Social Security don't provide enough income to help you live the way you want during retirement. The appropriate annuity can help supplement your retirement income. 


Life Insurance

Proper life insurance planning can help you protect your financial future and provide a solid foundation to your overall finanancial plan.  It is imperative to review your existing life insurance plans regularly to ensure that they are still adequate.  Regardless of what phase of life you are in, life insurance can be an effective tool.  Life phases to consider include:

  • Mortgage Protection insurance planning
  • Final Expense insurance planning
  • Social Security spousal income needs
  • Loss or reduction in corporate benefis due to retirement or change in career
  • Providing adequate life insurance for stay-at-home spouse


Long-Term Care Insurance

Help protect your family from the expenses of long-term care due to chronic illness or the natural effects of aging.  Long term care insurance planning can help you protect your assets, your independence, and ultimately gives you control on where you receive care.


Disability Insurance

Choosing the right disability plan can be the most important financial decision you make.  A disability insurance plan will help you protect your "most valuable" asset - your income.  If you were to get sick or injured in an accident and were not able to work, a disability plan can help you pay bills such as your mortgage, car payments, and food.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck